Laser cutting

Laser technology is today indispensable part of industry.Laser cut is precise and with no burr, and additional treatment is not required

The technology of laser metal cutting is based on focused laser ray which cuts metal. By quick machine programming it is possible to make small series, as well as big ones. When producing small series laser cutting is even many times over more cost-effective in comparison to stamping tools. It is due to the high price of tool when using stamping procedures or due to time required to treat a piece when using traditional technologies. Besides, it is very easy to change certain positions in a serie or to cut on same metal sheet more various positions.

Machines posess a programme for maximal material exploitability, which becomes prominent when talking about valuable materials such as stainless steel or aluminum.

This technology can be of use also when making constructional pieces, medical instruments, implatants, sprocket- wheels, chains, circular saws, saws, knifes, constructional elements, motor gaskets, flanges, furniture, laminated springs, fancy goods and other, and it has a wide range of use in both industry and shipbuilding industry.

TRUMPF 3020 is a laser cutter that cuts metal sheets up to surface dimension of 1500x3000mm, and up to 20 mm in thickness, using CO2 technology and is specialized for thick sheets and stainless steel materials.

Our new laser cutter TRUMPF TL 3030, with higher cutting speed and integrated automatic pallet exchanger, enabled us to maximize production capacity and minimize time required to cut out a piece. Apropriate for metal sheets up to surface 1500x3000 mm with maximal thickeness up to 20 mm.

How to make an order?

1. Along with inquiry, customer is sending a dwg. or dxf. drawing

2. According to drawing, number of pieces, type and thickness of material, customer recieves quotation, which serves as a proforma invoice as well

4.After the payment production is starting

We cut materials up to thickeness:

Steel - up to 20 mm

Stainless steel - up to15 mm

Aluminum - up to 10 mm