Security window shutters

In order to supplement home security systems, we designed stainless steel security window shutters.
Security window shutters

Window shutters are made of stainless steel and therefore create a fisical barrier to burglars and save windows and doors from breaking.

When closed, they protect from burglary with their strong point-of-reference system of pulling and locking in six points. They can be locked by a lock or a cylinder lock according to your request. If wished, you can simply open them as a window casement, without any unconveniences characteristic for fixed burglar-proof grills.

It can be adjusted easily to any type of single/double-casement window or door, or to be fixed to outer or under- mortar door-posts. Resistant and stable materials make them an ideal solution for areas near seaside.

Apart frome their's basic purpose, they are designed as well to controll your privacy, since they allow you to leave a door or windows open, while enabling you to vary lighting and ventilation. When plates are closed, they protect home from sun, rain and windy weather.

In addition to it, we produce as well steel security casemets for basements, vineyard cottages, summer houses out of solid-steel plates with carved adjustable openings for ventilation and with hammered carved decorations according to your own taste and choice.